UJL Pty Ltd has introduced a new sample cutter for pulp and paper manufacturers. The UJL-CUTTER™ can cut strip samples from jumbo or customer rolls. This cutter makes it possible to cut samples safely, quickly and accurately, while maintaining ergonomic standards and above all safe work practices. It is suitable for paper machine operators, engineers, maintenance technicians and laboratory testers.

Accurate and uniform paper sample strips are required to define paper check and quality accuracy. The UJL-CUTTER™ cuts the precise sample width and depth (several paper layers). There are two UJL-CUTTER™ models available for both machine (MD) and cross machine (CD) directions. The models have different operator handles to secure safe and ergonomic sampling work.

The UJL-CUTTER™ MD and CD cutters have several unique, safe and sharp blades that smoothly make accurate sample cuts with minimal operator force. Special safety mechanics prevent the operator from touching the blades when the cutter is not in the use.



Fig. 1: MD sample cut to paper machine

Fig. 2: 75 mm wide MD sample strip – Fine paper

Fig. 3: Blade installation


Technical specification:


UJL-CUTTER™-MD1:  MD sample strips (board machines)

UJL-CUTTER™-MD2:  MD sample strips (fine paper machines)

UJL-CUTTER™-CD:  CD sample strips

Standard Dimensions:

Weight: max. 1.4 kg

Sample width:  75 mm as standard

50 to 200mm available

Cut depth:  up to 5 mm

Material:  Steel or Stainless Steel

Safety:  Spring loaded protection locking

1 Spare cutting blades
2 Customised dimensions
3 Metal transport case
4 Extra handle

Document No. UJL9259 RevA1, January 2012

Notice: UJL Pty Ltd reserves the right to make changes or improvements to the product without prior notice.

Made in Melbourne, Australia