Procemex One Platform System with new 3D Web Inspection for Elevated Defects

Procemex One Platform profile measurement geometry helps detect and classify all surface defects, focusing particularly on dents and elevated defects. The 3D web inspection is typically performed with the paper against the supporting roll. This geometry enables the detection of very small dents and elevated defects with very high accuracy. It operates at an illumination angle of around 10 degrees with a 90-degree camera viewing angle that can detect all other surface defects on standard paper and board machines. The resolution is typically 0.1 x 0.1 mm, requiring above 600 MHz data processing on a 1000 m/min machine. This allows for the detection of elevated defects starting from 100 um. The detection of dents and elevated defects requires a special algorithm developed by Procemex in collaboration with leading Scandinavian liquid packaging board producers. More information can be found on Procemex’s website.