UJL News November 2022

UJL Pty Ltd will attend the 2022 Appita Conference and Exhibition on 30 November in Melbourne, Australia. Our exhibition table will have several pieces of equipment and specialised posters on display, as well as UJL’s informative presentations about our unique solutions for paper and pulp makers. If you would like further information or the full technical programme, please visit www.appita.com.au or contact UJL Pty Ltd.

UJL News May 2022

UJL Pty Ltd is participating in the SCAA Australian Coating Show – Conference 2022, at the Yarra Valley Lodge, Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, from 25 to 27 May 2022. In this conference, UJL Pty Ltd will also give a presentation on “Rheology Management in Water-based Barrier Coatings” and discuss a new type of capillarity viscometer (TAPPI Standard T 582).

For more information, contact: Australian Coatings Show 2022 ( http://www.australian-coatings-show.com.au )  or ujl@ujlsolutions.com.

UJL News October 2021

UJL Pty Ltd from Melbourne is sponsoring the Appita 2021 conference as part of the Technical Sessions and Sponsorship of the New Speakers Competition. The conference, Fibre Value Chain Conference – FVCCON 21, will this year be held in December and comprise two sessions: one in week 49 in New Zealand; and the other in week 50 in Melbourne, Australia. Appita is the Australasian Pulp and Paper Technical Association. www.appita.com.

In this conference, UJL Pty Ltd also will give a presentation on “Modern PCF Automatic Dryer Fabric Cleaner For Paper Machines”. For more information, contact: ujl@ujlsolutions.com.

UJL News September 2021

OpTest Equipment Inc. (Canada) manufactures and markets state-of-the-art equipment used for measuring the quality of pulp, paper, board and tissue. OpTest has received an order to supply the product Paper PerFect Formation Analyzer (PPF) at Visy Pulp and Paper Australia. PPF PerFect Formation Analyzer (PPF) revolutionizes product quality optimization and productivity by measuring the sheet uniformity at different “scales of formation”. The delivery and start up were in August 2021. OpTest Equipment Inc. is represented in Australia by UJL Pty Ltd, Melbourne. The delivery is supported locally by UJL Solutions specialists. More information at urpolaunonen@ujlsolutions.com

UJL News August 2021

Recently PCF Maintenance BV from Europe has installed their new PCF Dryer fabric cleaners with great success at various locations globally (including Australia). The customers have reported the following results:
• Increasing CFM value
• Less breaks because of clean dryer fabrics
• Increasing paper quality
• Less contaminants on rolls and dryer cylinders
• Decreasing cleaning shut downs and dryer fabric cleaning time
• Increasing production efficiency
• Increasing lifetime of the dryer fabrics and less maintenance costs.

More information about the latest delivery can be found HERE.

UJL Pty Ltd provides local support in the ANZ region for PCF fabric cleaners.