New Procemex One Platform wet line analysis

AI enhanced wet line monitoring to improve paper quality and energy efficiency

Advanced AI enhanced wet line analysis takes Procemex One Platform web monitoring and web inspection systems to a completely new level. Innovative camera-based water line analysis helps identify paper profile problems more accurately than ever before. With the help of smart waterline analysis the machine operators can keep the water line in its optimal place.

The wet line analysis pinpoints precisely and in real time the wet line position and its CD profile variations indicating possible stock-refining and water-removal issues. 

The analysis provides a clearly visualized image where it is easy for operators to monitor water line​.  

Consequently, stock refining and headbox adjustments can be made to enhance product quality, reduce raw materials, and save energy.

​Wet line data with images is stored in the Procemex One Platform web monitoring & web inspection system. With the help of the smart water line analysis, the waterline profile and location information can be collected efficiently for quality control purposes. The analyzed data can also be added to the Web Inspection System defect map and the data can be stored in ERP systems as well.