UJL / PulpEye News December 2019

PulpEye from Sweden has expanded its territory and made its first delivery to an Oceanian customer. “We have now installed our first PulpEye as well as DotEye and LabEye at a customer Down Under,” Öjvind Sundvall, MD PulpEye says. “It is as far as you can get from Örnsköldsvik in Sweden where our analysers are produced and this delivery is a result of good cooperation with the customer and with local support from our agent for the Oceanian markets, UJL Solutions.“

September 2019

UJL Pty Ltd will attend the 2019 Appita Conference and Exhibition on 10-12 December in Melbourne, Australia. Our exhibition table will have several pieces of equipment and specialised posters on display, as well as UJL’s informative presentations about our unique solutions for paper and pulp makers. If you would like further information or the full technical programme, please visit www.appita.com.au or contact UJL Pty Ltd.

May 2019

I-Plan is opens for business in Australia and New Zealand!

UJL Pty Ltd. joins the I-Plan® partner network for a to support the growth of the Australian and New Zealand Pulp, Paper and Packaging Industry. UJL Solutions have formalized a partnership with I-Plan to become a growth channel for demand planning and a process industry specialist solution for sales and operations planning in the ANZ region.

UJL Pty Ltd was founded in 2005 by Urpo Launonen. UJL specialises in the supply of equipment and solutions that have superior performance in modern paper and pulp mills. UJL has access to the latest technology and expertise to assist paper, pulp and other manufacturers in continuing to improve the safety and operational and cost-effectiveness in Australia and New Zealand.

“Building on a long term existing personal relationships between UJL Pty and I-Plan®, appears to be a right next step within Australia and New Zealand region considering particularly Pulp, Paper and packaging industry whose S&OP planning still appears to need step change improvement compared to best of class competitors in Europe and America”, Urpo Launonen, comments.

“I-Plan’s ability to simply and flexibly solve key supply chain problems on a global scale, is what sets us apart. I-Plan achieves this through the deployment of groundbreaking supply chain management software and a clear understanding of the human element of any digital transformation program. Expansion into the ANZ region has long been a passion of the I-Plan team. It’s easy to recognize the great people and work culture that exists here, and we know we have the technology to match.” says Alan Cheesbrough, CEO of I-Plan team.

I-Plan® is about people and technology. The agile service I-Plan® provides is the result of 20 years of collaboration between some of the brightest minds in the industry tasked with solving some of the most complex problems. In a world of increasing uncertainty and volatility, the ability to rapidly react to change is a key differentiator. Today I-Plan provides the tools that are needed for effective, collaborative Sales and Operations Planning and execution within process industries.

For more information, please contact: Urpo Launonen, Managing Director, UJL Pty. , tel. +61 401 626 329, urpolaunonen@ujlsolutions.com Jari Kaukiainen, Dir. Business Development, I-Plan®, tel. +358 40 582 0218, jari.kaukiainen@iplanworld.com

April 2019

Norske Skog’s Boyer mill has placed an order for ProcemexTwin Web Monitoring Systems for their 6.5 meter wide PM3 paper  machine in Boyer, Tasmania,  Australia. The paper machine produces Newsprint, Improved Newsprint, Book grades at a production rate of 150 tpa. The system utilises Procemex-Flex high speed HD matrix camera technology together with strobe LED illumination. This technology has been developed particularly for fast running paper making and printing lines. This is the second Procemex system in Norske Skog in Australia. The first delivery was in 2013 at their mill in Albury, Victoria. The local contact for the delivery is Urpo Launonen urpo.launonen@ujlsolutions.com.