September 2010

UJL Pty Ltd had own trade show in SCAA Surface Coatings Association Australia’s Inc.50th Annual Conference. This event was 8 to 10 September 2010 in Novotel Forest Resort at Creswick in Victoria.

June/July 2010

UJL Pty Ltd is now the Australian and New Zealand agent and service provider for Procemex Finland. Procemex is a leading PM vision supplier. Procemex-TWIN monitors and reports on both machine vision (WMS) and quality vision (WIS) functions.

April/May 2010

UJL Pty Ltd was at the Appita 2010 conference and exhibition from 18 – 21 April 2010 in Melbourne, Australia. At the exhibition, we had our own large stands with several pieces of equipment on display and with several specialised informative posters. The UJL conference programme also featured several innovative presentations about our unique solutions for pulp and paper makers. More information and the full technical programme is available from¬† or UJL Pty Ltd. UJL also had its own business team in the Appita Gala Networking dinner as well. UJL Pty Ltd thanks the Appita Inc team and our overseas speakers for this year’s event.