October 2009

UJL Pty Ltd (UJL Solutions) is now a committee member of the Manningham Business Network (MBN) in Manningham, Melbourne. MBN is a support and referral network aimed at bringing like-minded business owners and operators from the Manningham and surrounding areas together. The network aims to be a resource for small and medium businesses to help manage the challenges of operating at a local level. MBN supports the UJL team to improve customer service, finding new customers, and introducing new products, services and solutions, lowering customer prices and improving deliveries.

August 2009

UJL Pty Ltd was  at the Appita 2009 conference and exhibition from 20 – 23 April 2009 in Melbourne , Australia . At the exhibition, we had our own large stands with several pieces of equipment on display and with several specialised informative posters. The UJL confererence programme had also  feature several presentations about our unique solutions for pulp and paper makers.  More information and the full technical programme are available from  www.appita.com.au or UJL Pty Ltd. UJL also had own business team in the Appita Gala Networking dinner as well. UJL Pty Ltd is thanking Appita Inc team for this year’s event.

February 2009

UJL Pty Ltd has recently delivered several Permi online analysers. The Permi analyser is supplied by ACA Systems Oy from Finland. The advanced measurement and signal technology makes it possible to have reliable and accurate paper porosity readings continously. No grade dependant calibrations are required. The latest benefits using the Permi analysers are refiner energy optimising  to save energy and improve qualities of papers as well as minimising or totally eliminating proporosity related paper losses. UJL Pty Ltd will supply locally start up and maintenance support.

January 2009

UJL Pty Ltd has just launched a new moisture meter service: MX-UJL and IRMA7D moisture meters are  available from our Melbourne workshop for immediate customer use. The meter has inbuilt and pre-programmable calibration curves and can easily be installed to production machines or RTD trials. The rental service is for short-term trials and typical delivery time is a maximum of one week. The moisture meter’s measurement range is from 0 to 70% and can read up to 400 readings per second. Easy connection to PLC , DCS or QCS and PC data logger software is also available. For more information, please contact UJL’s office.