Partnering with over 20 overseas suppliers, UJL provides local marketing, sales, service and spare parts solutions.  Ranging from large camera systems to spare parts, we have successfully delivered over 700 solutions to customers in Australia and New Zealand.  Working closely with end customers, our aim is to deliver the best solutions and support available.





UJL News August 2020

PCF Maintenance from The Netherlands has expanded its territory and made its first deliveries to Oceanian customers. “We have now installed our first PM fabric cleaners at customers Down Under.” said Urpo Launonen, Managing Director of UJL Pty Ltd Australia. These cleaners are continuously cleaning PM fabrics and then improve paper machine performance. They are …

UJL News April 2020

Norske Skog’s Boyer mill has placed an order for ProcemexTwin Web inspection Systems for their 6.5 meter wide PM3 paper machine in Boyer, Tasmania, Australia. The paper machine produces Newsprint, Improved Newsprint, Book grades at a production rate of 150 tpa. The system utilises Procemex-Flex high speed HD matrix camera technology together with strobe LED illumination. …