Partnering with over 20 overseas suppliers, UJL provides local marketing, sales, service and spare parts solutions.  Ranging from large camera systems to spare parts, we have successfully delivered over 700 solutions to customers in Australia and New Zealand.  Working closely with end customers, our aim is to deliver the best solutions and support available.


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Procemex web inspection system at a coating paper machine.
Procemex web inspection system at a coating paper machine.
Forming Fabric Cleaner
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MoveRoll innovation
MoveRoll Winder Deck South USA
Tail Cutter Wet Section
Press Felt Cleaner Incl. Moisture and Permeability measuring




September 2019

UJL Pty Ltd will attend the 2019 Appita Conference and Exhibition on 10-12 December in Melbourne, Australia. Our exhibition table will have several pieces of equipment and specialised posters on display, as well as UJL’s informative presentations about our unique solutions for paper and pulp makers. If you would like further information or the full …

May 2019

I-Plan is opens for business in Australia and New Zealand! UJL Pty Ltd. joins the I-Plan® partner network for a to support the growth of the Australian and New Zealand Pulp, Paper and Packaging Industry. UJL Solutions have formalized a partnership with I-Plan to become a growth channel for demand planning and a process industry …

April 2019

Norske Skog’s Boyer mill has placed an order for ProcemexTwin Web Monitoring Systems for their 6.5 meter wide PM3 paper  machine in Boyer, Tasmania,  Australia. The paper machine produces Newsprint, Improved Newsprint, Book grades at a production rate of 150 tpa. The system utilises Procemex-Flex high speed HD matrix camera technology together with strobe LED …